30000 hours

Wu Tsui

Wu Tsui has been waiting 30,000 hours for a second chance at life

Rescued : 18/09/2020

More than three years ago, the SPCA received a report about a foul odour coming from an apartment in Prince Edward. Inspectors found two Malinois dogs sequestered in the apartment, without food and water. When rescued, the dog named Wu Tsui was very weak, and the incident caused her significant emotional trauma.

Wu Tsui was sensitive, easily anxious, and possessive of her belongings. Whenever she feltuneasy, she would bite her own tail and spin in circles. She still gets very scared when she sees stick-like objects, bicycles, or motorcycles. During her three years with us, the SPCA staff have been caring for her diligently and trying to find her a home. Would you be willing to give this poor girl the second chance she deserves?

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